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When you have a large asset portfolio, you need to harness the power of intelligent data insights to make proactive business decisions.

Fully automated defect detection
Streamlined issue decsion making
We can scale to ESR's 100+ sites with ease
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Data-driven condition monitoring reduces uncertainty and facilitates strategic decision-making regarding your asset portfolio.
The Asseti executive dashboard presents valuable data and insights in near-real-time.

You can analyze trends, review the repairs pipeline, and assess the total cost of potential repairs.

Customizable reporting dashboard
Exportable condition assessment report
APIs and integration with leading EAM and CMMS platforms
Automated dashboard


Allow your facility and asset managers to effectively manage work orders and maintenance pipeline, ensuring critical repairs are addressed in a timely manner at your annual capital works planning reviews.

Collaborate with contractors and visitors virtually on the Asseti platform, simplifying the budgeting and tendering processes.

Shareable links and view-only access
Built-in repair estimates based on the volume and conditions of components
Issue prioritisation, tracking and in-app communication
Defect analysis dashboard

Other functions

We conduct an AI-powered condition assessment of your portfolio. This generates detailed component schedules and identifies potential issues, which trained specialists review.

This removes the need to send people to site, keeping them out of harm's way and saving you the cost.

Asset componentisation
Schedule of defects and potential issues
The degradation monitoring feature, along with tracking of issues over the asset's lifecycle.
CBH owns a diverse range of assets from regional receival sites to major export terminals. With Asseti, we can better operate our portfolio, assessing and managing major structural items across dozens of sites. Asseti’s intelligent and automated asset data drives efficient decisions around how we conduct maintenance.
Mitchell Khaw
Lead Reliability Engineering
“Asseti provides a complete view of our assets on a national scale. Asseti has enabled our business and our facility managers, Colliers, to make decisions quickly and with better intelligences. Asseti offers significant advantages across our extensive asset network.”
Head of Asset Management
"Asseti’s ability to generate detailed and insightful information across large asset networks in close-to-real-time was a standout feature of us. By augmenting Ventia’s strong service delivery and digital innovation with Asseti’s proprietary data model, we see Asseti as being core to further our digitised service offering."
Gary Dring
Group Manager Innovation
"One GHD Advisory client has expedited critical issue reporting by 12 times with the support of Asseti, while simultaneously reducing cost by 80%. This is just one site — similar efficiency and effectiveness gains across the portfolio will deliver substantial cost reductions and operational gains in the next 12 months and beyond."
Richard Fechner
Executive General Manager
"A tactical advantage of using and promoting Asseti is that we have materially changed the proportion of recurring business we do. Previously about 45% of our non-real estate work was in one-off projects. Clients that have adopted Asseti matched that profile at the outset, but now average 30% one-off projects. Single captures are important and common — but Asseti helps client realise opportunities in recurring data in circumstances they previously wouldn’t have."
Andrew Burn
Head of Client Services
"Initially FMs were hesitant to adopt the new technology. They are now reliant on Asseti day-to-day and cannot live without the platform. We now use the platform far more broadly than it was initially intended, and the use of the platform within Mirvac continues to expand. Beyond the site maintenance management, we also use Asseti for contractor onboarding, periodic regulatory inspectsions and much more."
Scott Robinson
Senior Technical Operations Manager - Integrated Investment Portfolio